At Timber and Lime Conservation we understand that owners of historic buildings will know that traditionally built homes are not only wonderful monuments of our built heritage, but also have very different requirements to the mass produced buildings of today.

The Dumfries House cafe, repointed by Timber and Lime Conservation Ltd

The Dumfries House cafe, repointed by Timber and Lime Conservation

Maintenance requirements and problem diagnosis can be confusing and somewhat intimidating for those more familiar with buildings built after 1919 – those built prior to this date often referred to as ‘historic’ – not only for home owners, but for many trades people too. In fact, each year vast sums of money are spent, with the best of intentions to maintain homes, but often failing to address the root cause of many problems. Timber and Lime Conservation, are not another all trades or general builder, but a specialist in several areas of historic building conservation, both inside and out. We are here to help! Here’s is a little about us and the work we do:

  • Conservation, Restoration and repair of traditional buildings
  • Lime Pointing, Plastering and Harling
  • Traditional Joinery
  • Cement removal and Lime re-pointing
  • Leca and Lime Concrete
  • Stone repairs
  • Stone Floors
  • Conservation and Consolidation of Stone and Brickwork
  • Mosaic tile
  • Timber floor conservation

Timber and Lime Conservation can advise you how to best care for your building in the most appropriate manner.




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